Shareable Chat Folders, Custom Wallpapers and More

Introducing Shareable Chat Folders, Custom Wallpapers and More

This update lets users share entire chat folders with one link, create custom wallpapers for individual chats, use web apps in any chat and more.

Shareable Chat Folders

Chat folders can now be shared with a link – inviting your friends or colleagues to dozens of work groups, collections of news channels, and more. With one tap, they will add the folder and instantly join all its chats.

Each chat folder supports multiple invite links allowing access to different chats. When creating a link, select the chats you'd like to include – and give it a unique name to match, like Interns or Managers.

You can include any public chats, as well as any chats where you have the admin rights to add people.

If you add more chats to your folder and update its link, members will see a suggestion to join the new chats.

To create a folder, open Settings > Chat Folders. For more details, see our in-depth guide on Shareable Folders.

Custom Wallpapers

Your favorite photos and color combinations can become custom wallpapers in specific chats to give conversations extra personality and make them stand out.

After setting a wallpaper, a special message will be sent in the chat that allows your chat partner to add the same wallpaper on their side – or they can create their own.

You can set a custom wallpaper in any 1-on-1 chat. To set a custom wallpaper, tap ⋮ > 'Set Wallpaper' in the chat header on Android, or open a profile and tap ⋯ > 'Change Wallpaper' on iOS.

Better Bots

Telegram bots are able to host seamless web apps, bringing services and utilities to millions of users – these web apps can now be launched in any chat.

Web apps of bots that support this feature can be accessed via a direct link or by mentioning the bot's username in any chat on Telegram. For example, try typing @durgerkingbot (followed by a space) in any chat — or posting this link:

When launched in a group, web apps can now support collaboration and multiplayer features for members.

This further expands the already vast opportunities for third-party developers and merchants on Telegram — free of charge for everyone. Check out the API and start building!

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Bot Links and Telegram Premium on Fragment

Bots are now able to use collectible usernames — including links without the -bot suffix.

You can also buy Telegram Premium for yourself or gift it to others via Fragment.

Fast Scrolling for Attachments

The attachment menu now scrolls at super-fast speeds, just like Shared Media. Pull down on the date bar to time travel.

Read Time in Topics

In groups of under 100 members with topics enabled, read receipts now show what time your messages were read by other group members.

Improved Interfaces

Send When Online requires fewer taps – in chats where you can see your partner's last seen time, hold the Send button.

You can create groups without adding members immediately – in case you want to set up permissions and pin a few messages first.

On the latest iPhones, profile pictures have a new animation – smoothly sliding into the dynamic island when you scroll on profiles and info pages.

And that's all for today – see you soon with even more features.

April 21, 2023
The Telegram Team