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On average, it takes 5-10 seconds to view one resume. A little, right? That's why it's important to make a good impression right away. A resume is a self-promotion that should show you the best and "sell" you to your employer.
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The right summary is where to start

Before writing a resume, it will be useful to know what HR managers, recruiters and employers pay attention to in the candidate's resume in the first place. According to Resume Edit Service Survey, these are:
previous work experience (45%);
qualification / skills (35%);
ease of reading / perception of information (25%);
achievements, benefits, projects (16%);
spelling and grammar (14%);
education (9%);
clear goal (3%);
keywords (2%);
contact information (1%).

Types of resumes for employment

The second step is to determine which type of resume is right for you: chronological, functional or combined.

Chronological summary

Describes your jobs in chronological order, starting from the last. Suitable for those who are looking for a job in a familiar field, have extensive experience and seek career development.

An example of a chronological summary


07/2016 and to this day. Organization "Superchildren" (education for children and parents). Position: CEO & Event Manager.

Selected a team of five people to achieve the goals of the organization.
Organized more than 150 educational events for children and parents.
Gathered a team of 10 full-time teachers.
Organized a system for monitoring the quality of events and receiving feedback from visitors.
Created and implemented a CRM (Salesforce) database for quality work with clients.
03/2014 - 05/2016 Project "Dreamers" (teaching teenagers). Position: project coordinator.

Organized 15 lectures and educational trips for 36 students of the program.
Coordinated the work of 5 teachers and 10 mentors of the program.
Conducted financial and administrative reporting.

Functional resume

Focuses on your skills, abilities and achievements, not jobs. This option is suitable for those who have little experience, who often changed jobs and do not want to draw attention to it, as well as those who want to change the field of activity or return to the labor market after a long break.

Example of a functional resume

Key competencies:

experience in managing a team of up to 15 people;
general experience of organization and promotion of projects - 5 years;
organization and coordination of events for 500 people;
ability to negotiate, bring completed projects to completion under any circumstances, persistence, ability to generate ideas;
strong managerial, managerial and leadership qualities.

Combined resume

Combines the advantages of chronological and functional - includes a description of skills and a list of jobs. It is considered the most effective. Divide and combine your experience (depending on which vacancy you apply for), combine your skills with the companies where you got them, and be sure to focus on measurable metrics.