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New Username Links

• A new format was supported for username links, in addition to "". You can now open Telegram accounts, groups or channels using links like "" or ""

@Telegram v9.0
Reaction Management

• Group admins can control whether custom reactions are allowed in their groups.
• We've added an option to report spam when opening a user's profile from a reaction. (Internet rule number N: if something exists, sooner or later, it will be used for spam).

@Telegram v9.0
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Prioritize Downloads on Android

Media and files that are actively downloading can be managed in the 'Downloads' tab of Search or by tapping the ⬇️ icon that appears in your chat list. You can now press and hold any items in the list to reorder them and change their priority – downloading the top file first.
(This feature was already available on iOS – press and hold an item in the ⬇️ list and select 'Prioritize Download')

@Telegram #Android v9.0
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New animations for opening, closing and changing media on Android

@Telegram #Android v9.0
Themed Icon on Android 13

Those on Android 13 or newer can choose a thematic Telegram icon that will automatically match your phone's dark mode settings and accent color.

@Telegram #Android v9.0
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Improved Login Flow on iOS

• We've improved the registration and login experience with slick animations and a smoother UI.
• If you frequently re-login on Telegram, you can sign in faster using your email or Apple ID.

@Telegram #iOS v9.0
🔂 Telegram Desktop Beta 4.2.2
for #Windows #Linux #macOS

What's New in Beta 4.2.1-4.2.2:
• Improve scaling / cropping for photos / video files.
• Improve touch support in channel comments.
• Nice animation for spoilers.
• Fix crash in spoiler revealing in media captions.
• Fix spoiler revealing in media viewer captions.
• Fix crash in folder editing on Linux.

2022-09-24 @Telegram #tdesktop #beta

🔂 Telegram 9.0.2 for Android

🔂 Telegram 9.0.1 for macOS
The app now requires macOS Sierra 10.12 or later, while the previous version was compatible with OS X El Capitan 10.11

🔂 Telegram 9.0.1 for iOS
The app now requires 64-bit devices running iOS 11.0 or later.
iOS 9-10 and 32-bit devices (iPhone 4S,5,5C and iPad 4 or older) are no longer supported.

Telegram 9.0.1+ for iOS is compatible with 64-bit devices:
• iPhone 5S or later
• iPad 5 or later
• iPad mini 2 or later
• iPad Air 1 or later
• iPad Pro
• iPod touch 6-7

2022-09-24 @Telegram #android #ios #macos
⚒ The source code of Telegram for Android and iOS have been updated to 9.0.x

@Telegram #Android #iOS #source #reproducibleBuilds
🔂 Telegram Desktop 4.2.4
for #Windows #Linux #macOS

• Improve scaling / cropping for photos / video files.
• Improve touch support in channel comments.
• Nice animation for spoilers.
• Fix crash in emoji statuses clearing.

2022-09-30 @Telegram #tdesktop
Forwarded from Telegram X (V)
Telegram X was updated to version

Brief overview of new features and changes:

We also announce the second round of the contest for Android developers:

Anyone can participate by submitting pull requests to the repository that address at least one of three tasks until October 30th, 23:59 Dubai Time.
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📣 Telegram announces the First Round of the iOS Contest 2022

Prize fund for Round 1: $50,000
Deadline: 23:59 on October 31th (Dubai time)
Who can participate: Everyone
Results: November 10th, 2022

The task is to create a standalone media editing app in Swift without using third-party UI frameworks.
More Info

@Telegram #contest
⭐️ Anonymous Posting or Send As Channel in public groups is no longer a free feature

@Telegram #premium
Forwarded from Telegram Web A
Telegram Web Z was updated to version 1.54

👏 Harder
• Enjoy viewing Emoji Statuses. Setting your own status will be possible in the following update.

🤩 Better
• Better accent colors in Message List.
• When composing a message on Android, you can now open the system context menu with a second tap.

🚀 Faster
• Various optimizations for video animations.

💪 Stronger
• Various fixes in New Poll dialog.
• Fixed mouse wheel scroll in Emoji Tooltip.
• Fixed bot description layout.
• Fixed deleting folders from Settings.

Forwarded from Telegram Contests
💎 Smart Contract Cracking Competition

Prize fund: Up to $100,000
Deadline: 18:00 on October 25th (Dubai time)
Who can participate: Everyone
Results: October 26th

The Task is to identify potential vulnerabilities and issues in the smart contract that would form the basis of the Telegram Auction Platform.

Evaluation Criteria and Prize Fund Distribution:
Bounties are dependent on the severity of the discovered issues and could potentially range from $200 for minor code adjustments to $50,000 for major flaws – like behavior that could bypass the smart contract's logic and conditions in order to reassign ownership of assets.

For a complete description and technical details, see this document.

Submit an archive containing your source code, a how-to manual, and a build script (if necessary) to @ContestBot (choose Smart Contract Cracking Competition).


2. Submit a pull request on GitHub. Describe the issue as a comment to the pull request. Submit a link to the pull request via @ContestBot .
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Forwarded from Du Rove's Channel
As promised, we've launched the ability to buy Telegram usernames on a dedicated platform – Fragment. Auctions for the most valuable usernames are already live, so make sure to check it out. In a few days, we will also introduce the ability for users to sell their existing usernames on Fragment.

For the first time in the history of social media, a fair, transparent market for usernames is established. Finally people will have ownership over their social media addresses, secured in the immutable ledger of a decentralized blockchain network.

This is just the beginning, and yet an important milestone – the power has started to shift into users' hands.
Forwarded from Telegram Web A
Telegram Web Z was updated to version 1.55

👏 Harder
• Sending custom emoji is now supported.
• You can now view recent (cached) messages while offline.
• Enjoy the beautifully redesigned payments screen with an option to add tips for certain invoices.
• Media in chats can also be deleted via the Media Viewer.

🤩 Better
• Custom emoji sent without text are shown at a larger size.

🚀 Faster
• Optimized rendering for animated stickers and emoji.

💪 Stronger
• Improved sync after editing drafts on another device.
• Fixed duplicate notification sounds when waking up from sleep.
• Various fixes for the Media Viewer.
• Various fixes for username input.
• Various layout improvements.

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Forwarded from WebK Channel
Media is too big
While this channel has been a little quiet for the last three months, the app continued to evolve.

🎉 Today, WebK introduces a redesigned Emoji and Sticker Panel – try the collapsible section for default emoji categories and the scrollable bar for your custom emoji sets.

The new Panel features a beautiful blur effect on most desktop browsers and allows you to send or edit messages containing custom emoji. (All users can try out this feature in their Saved Messages). Copy and paste are also available.

In the Stickers tab, you can now add or remove stickers from favorites, send without sound or individually delete them from the Recents section.

🔎 Preview Stickers and Emoji
You can now get a closer look at stickers and emoji, both in the panel and in chats. Click and hold, then hover your cursor over the one you'd like to see in better detail.

Stickers are now rendered more efficiently, using fewer resources and saving battery. Custom Emoji have also had more improvements since their launch in late August.

⚡️ Downloading Files
The download flow has been reworked from scratch. When you download something, the app uses your connection in the most efficient way possible. Premium users will notice how dramatically fast the app downloads files for them – a little demo is available here.

Large files of up to 4 GB are now supported for both upload and download. There is also support for native downloading in certain browsers – your browser will place active downloads on the instrument bar.

💸 Payments 2.0
Significant optimizations were added to smoothly process payments in any browser, and adding familiar functionality from other Telegram apps. Bot payments, @donate invoices and more are supported – including the ability to subscribe to Telegram Premium with @PremiumBot.

Dozens of bug fixes were also made to the app – but those can be a bit boring to read. If you ever come across a bug in the app, make sure to let us know on the Bugs and Suggestions Platform.
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Forwarded from BotNews
Bot API 6.3


Bots now support Topics in Groups.
• Added the fields is_forum and is_topic_message to Chat and Message respectively.
• Bots can send messages to a topic via the new message_thread_id parameter.
• Added service messages about new, closed and reopened topics, each with an optional field in Message.
• Bots can now create, close, edit and delete topics.
• Added chat member permissions for topic management, see can_manage_topics as a field in all relevant classes and as a parameter in promoteChatMember.

Multiple Usernames and Emoji Status
Multiple Usernames are listed by the active_usernames field in the Chat class.
• Custom user statuses are now shown in the emoji_status_custom_emoji_id field returned from getChat.

• And more, see the full changelog for details: