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Profile Photo Maker

You can quickly turn any sticker or animated emoji into a profile picture for your accounts, groups or channels. Everyone can use animated and custom emoji for these pictures, even if they don't have Telegram Premium.

Tip: To set or suggest a picture for your contacts, try editing their profile on Telegram.

Telegram 9.4
⭐️ Full Chat Translation

Premium users can now translate entire chats, groups and channels in real time by tapping the Translate bar at the top. The options menu lets you hide the bar and control which languages are translated.
All users can translate individual messages by selecting them and tapping 'Translate'.

Telegram 9.4
Emoji Categories

Stickers and emoji now have quick-search buttons that help you quickly find the perfect 👍 ❤️ or 💤 for your situation.

Telegram 9.4
Network Usage

You can see how much data has been used by Telegram with detailed pie charts for Wi-Fi and mobile data – and adjust your auto-download settings to suit your data plan in the updated Network Usage section in Settings.

Telegram 9.4
Auto-Save Incoming Media

You can control when media is automatically saved to your Photos app based on its size, type and which chat it was received from – including exceptions for individual chats.

Telegram 9.4
Media Permissions in Group

Admins can control individual permissions for 9 media types – like photos, voice messages and video messages.

Telegram 9.4
Chat Selection for Bots

Bot developers can add buttons that let users quickly select their groups, channels or contacts based on predefined criteria.
For example, this can be used to quickly add the bot to a group where the user is an admin and topics are enabled.
Annual Premium Subscription

Prepaid subscriptions are now available for ⭐️ Telegram Premium – with discounts up to 40%
Re-Login with Apple ID and Google ID

Logged out users can quickly log back in using their Apple ID or Google ID without entering an SMS code. If you have a 2-Step Verification password set, you'll still need to enter it.

Telegram 9.4
Auto-switch proxies on Android

You can choose how quickly the app should auto-connect to the nearest active proxy if the current one stops working.

Telegram 9.4