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Crypto Super App platform built on top of your existing Messenger! With built-in critical infrastructure like keyless wallet, gasless transactions and 1-click on/off ramp, for mass-user onboarding from Web2 to Web3.

Know more at https://www.rovi.network
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New app update available!
ROVI non custodial wallet keeps getting Rad day after day!

Towards our 1st milestone of crossing a million transactions on chain by April end!
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Quiz of the Day:

Name other Web3 platforms in the world apart from ROVI which sends a couple transactions per second on lightning speed on-chain?
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New ROVI Keyboard update available - see ROVI M91 tickers and daily M91 rewards on chat with new interface and many new exciting updates coming next!
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please like-retweet, quote-retweet - thanks for your continued support, ROVIans!
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New ROVI keyboard update is live! Now send stickers as you typespot jackpot sticker daily, send it to your group and claim jackpot prize!
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We crossed a Million On-chain transactions today. Thanks to all our users for their support. Many more milestones to come!
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Messari, one of the most respected web3/crypto data analytics institution, mentioning in their quarterly report how ROVI Network alone drove huge adoption for Binance L2 chain through their "crypto for the masses" platform!! ❤️❤️
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Update the ROVI superapp Now! Play luck slot daily, more chances everyday for more referrals

Fast dashboard for daily utilities

And many more updates!!
3M transactions on-chain in 6 weeks and 5M transactions a month run-rate. Onwards and Upwards. Stay tuned!