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BNSD Finance Announcements
$BNSD Community Call with @gauravdahake on Thursday at 8:30 PM IST. ➡️
📢 BNSD Community Call timing is 10:00 PM IST as per convenience of our investors.

Don't forget to join @bnsdfinance and stay active at 10:00 to join the call.
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We are happy to announce is coming on Ascent Launchpad this month.

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🔊 bePAY IDO is coming up next on Ascent Launchpad!

IDO price: 0.08 USDT
Date: 21/11/2021
Chains support: ERC20, BSC

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Do you know: Doing SIP on decentralized bitdroplet is pretty easy.

Follow along and start your crypto SIP using

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Ascent Launchpad IDO Performance Report


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BNSD farming rewards

Ethereum gas fee is down to 22 gwei ($0.55), It has reclaimed 150 Billion US Dollar market cap.

$BNSD farming rewards have also reduced to maintain a disinflationary token ecosystem.
Double benefit with Zero-TDS SIP only at Bitdroplet in India 👀

Full disclosure coming this month, Follow Bitbns and click on bell icon!

💎 Bitdroplet is a part of BNSD ecosystem, It is divided into two segment: Centralised and decentralised.
Fill in the blanks:

1% TDS has been implemented as per government guidelines.

______ exchange in India has decided to give TDS relief to users doing SIP on their platform?

Reply your answer below ⬇️
BNS token is performing really good after MEXC listing today.

Which exchange should list BNSD finance? Tag them below ⬇️
BNSD has been integral part of decentralised products by @bitbns.

Do you remember, what was the first usecase of $BNSD finance?

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BNSD finance is the nucleus of all decentralised products of @bitbns

• Community owns 96% of the supply
• Only way to bring new $BNSD in market is by yield farming

BNSD farming is stable since launch in September 2020

🤔 Do you know current market cap of $BNSD?

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According to us this song describes the current state of #Crypto market

What song would you use to describe it?

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What avatar do you want to see on $BNSD merch?

$BNSD is the decentralised part of @bitbns ecosystem.

Should we keep elements of decentralisation as unique characteristics of the $BNSD Avatar?

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