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A very short and beautiful story

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Blockchain-based fashion company Bitliberte says NFTs are a good fit for human demand for ownership and authenticity

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Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers who change our lives and gave us proof of ownership, liberte, and technology in the 21st century.

Let's together build a world where Satoshi's vision of a free and open financial system can become reality for everyone.
Following the ideological path given by Satoshi.

We are decentralizing the monopolized fashion world and giving power back to the community with transparency.

Come with Bitliberte to join the #FashionFi revolution.
Fashion, Finance, and Investment are all related to Bitliberte.

We are a decentralized fashion protocol bridging the gap between crypto and finance to create a more inclusive FashionFi economy.
gm, everyone!

We are happy to announce our strategic partnership with AirLyft.

AirLyft offers Innovative tools for blockchain startups & traditional marketers alike.

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"The Merge" swag at ₹1 only!

Ethereum merge is finally happening and we are excited to offer limited Bitliberte merch for Indian users

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Few hours are remaining for Ethereum merge 🚀

A lot of false and conflicting information is circulating around our community during this event

Breakdown of #TheMerge for you🧵
ETHMerge is successfully completed without any complications, Things were getting tested for the last 23 months.

The bonus news is that Ethereum is now officially ultrasound money burning more supply than it is getting minted! 💜

What does it mean for Bitliberte? ⬇️
📢 gm community!

We are happy to announce our partnership with @my3air to connect users globally in better and equitable virtual environments.

This is a very crucial partnership for Bitliberte protocol.

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gm, everyone!

Vaibhav Seth will be there at PolkaDays Delhi Event to talk about The Ownership Economy Segment in Crypto World.

Let's meet in person to learn and grow together!

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Bitliberte Founder, Vaibhav Seth attended PolkaDot India Event to discuss the concept of Ownership Economy.

Polkadot community was very energetic throughout the event asking various insightful questions.

We look forward to buidL and grow together!
Wishing everyone a very Happy Dusshera, Let's join hands together to win over the Evil-side of centralization.
We are featured on IndiaTV! 🤗

BitLiberte स्टार्टअप दे रहा फैशन इंडस्ट्री को नई उड़ान, क्षेत्र में करियर की अपार संभावनाएं

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Meet Bit Islands, Our new strategic partner!

It is a Web3 native social networking services with components like Bi Space and Bi DID to own your real unique id for everything on the blockchain.

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📢 Onboarding Collaborators at BitLiberte | Internship opportunities

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This Dhanteras may Goddess Lakshmi bless your life with financial prosperity and lots of happiness!

This festive season, Join Bitliberte to bring financial independence from your Wardrobe.
The Festival of Lights is here, Happy Diwali to everyone!

Let's celebrate with $250 worth Bitliberte token giveaway

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